About Us

MudalKadai aims to deliver high quality, authentic Middle Eastern foods with a unique blend of international flavors in a hospitable and exceptional casual eatery that will leave our customers memorable experience.

Our Vision:

To provide superior quality delicious dishes at affordable price to common man.

What We Do:

We provide our customers with a variety of fast food eating options. Our menu will be focused mainly on serving sandwiches and BBQ. Our dishes are made using blended with unique homemade sauces. Shawarma is packed-down slices of meat—often chicken, sometimes lamb grilled on a vertical broiler. The meat is marinated for as long as a day in a variety of seasonings and spices. While traditional Shawarma restaurants serve the meat on pita bread with basic garnish like pickle, we have chosen to be different by using breads and sauces from different international cuisines, such as but not limited to, American, Mexican, Chinese, Indian. In addition to sandwiches, we will be offering a limited selection of Shawarma pizza and salads.